Intergroup detectives

Private cases

In international private cases, our clients benefit from the globally managed Intergroup connections. We offer you a fast and efficient option for an immediate implementation of solution concepts in your case.
Our private customers benefit not only from the professionalism and competence of our Intergroup-detectives. They also have access to the network of experienced, and in the language of the client acting team of detectives.

  • Infidelity - Cases of misconduct in the partnershi
  • Fidelity test
  • PCases of child welfare risk
  • Custody problems
  • Maintenance problems
  • Child rearing
  • Private area crimes
  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Stalking - Persecution
  • other


For Individuals and professionals

  • IT-Forensics

  • Private

  • Financial Investigations

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