Financial Investigations

Intergroup detectives

Financial Investigations

We leave nothing to chance.
The Intergroup-detectives are specialized in the elucidation of economic crimes. Our investigations and observations are prepared and planned by analysts and criminal investigators.
These are carried out by former employees of special police and military units.


he detectives of Intergroup clarify for commercial enterprises diverse facets of fraud, because fraud is the cause of a high financial loss for companies worldwide.
Our highly qualified investigators give you evidential proofs and thus the necessary clarity in your case.

  • General fraud
  • Benefit fraud
  • Payroll fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Insurance fraud


We clarify cases of corruption, acceptance of advantages, bribery or non-governmental advantages granted. Employees often misuse their positions and trust within the structures of smaller firms or large companies to gain a financial advantage for themselves or another person.
This area of economic crime is very difficult to solve, because the perpetrators often maintain a great relationship of trust with each other. In order to clarify these crimes, specific knowledge and extensive experience are required.
The Intergroup-detectives have the skills to investigate these crimes.

General Economic Crimes

The Intergroup-detectives are also active in other areas of economic crime.
On our website is not shown every economic crime.
For cases of blackmail, stalking, identity theft, espionage and others, please request a consultation date.

Theft and Misappropriation

he frequent confiscations in or to companies as theft and misappropriation cause considerable damages. Our special technique and the knowledge of correct as well as optimal investigation methods contribute to a quick clarification of your case.
Through the cooperation of our Intergroup-detectives, we can act for our clients throughout Europe and provide our outstanding competence.

Brand and Product Piracy

Counterfeiters and imitators act in all areas of economic activity worldwide. These perpetrators produce products which are similar to the original ones. In this case are infringed the trademark law, competition law, copyright, patent law and other rights. The damages for manufacturers - firms - companies of the original products can often not be estimated. In order to arrest the perpetrators are necessary extensive investigations with the appropriate know-how.
The Intergroup-detectives serve the entire language area and through their network, they can carry out extensive investigations and observations.

For Individuals and professionals

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  • Financial Investigations



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